HABC Level 2

Unit 1: Fire Safety Principles 1. Understand the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace Explain how fires are caused in the workplace Describe the components of the fire triangle. Identify the hazards during or after a fire, including the products of combustion. Describe the characteristics of fire and smoke spread. 2. Understand how […]

NASP/IASP 30 Hours

 COURSE CONTENT 1. Mandatory – 15 hours a) Introduction to OSHA and NASP. b) Managing Safety and Health c) OSHA Focus Four Hazards d) Personal Protective Equipment e) Health Hazards in Construction f) Stairways and Ladders 2. Elective – 12 hours. a) Concrete and Masonry Construction b) Confined Space Entry c) Cranes d) Ergonomics e) […]

NASP/IASP 10 Hours

  COURSE CONTENT 1. Mandatory – 7 Hours a) Introduction to OSHA and NASP b) Walking and Working Surfaces & Fall protection c) Exit Routes, Fire Prevention & Fire Protection. d) Electrical e) Personal Protective Equipment f) Hazard Communication 2. Elective – 2 Hours. a) Hazardous Materials b) Materials Handling c) Machine Guarding d) Introduction to Industrial Hygiene […]


  NEBOSH HSW (Health & Safety at Work) About the Course NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work is a globally recognized qualification which equips individuals to identify hazards at work and deal with them efficiently to ensure high level safety culture at workplace.  This introductory qualification helps employee gain broad awareness of occupational safety and health issues and environmental topics. This […]

British Safety Council Diploma Level 6

British Safety Council Diploma Level 6 Qualification Content: Unit 1 – Element A Fundamentals of Health and Safety Management Unit 1 – Element B Applied Health and Safety Management Unit 2 – Element A Occupational Health Unit 2 – Element B Risks to Health at Work Unit 3 – Element A Developing a Positive Health […]

OSHA Standards

Training Courses Based on OSHA Standards Course certification by International Board of Environment Health & Safety (IBOEHS) USA.  1- OSHA 30 Hours (General Industry) Standards 2- OSHA 30 Hours (Construction Industry) Standards Benefits of OSHA   Financial Benefits Although OSHA guidelines and directives are designed with safety and better health management in mind, compliance is ultimately financially beneficial […]