OSHA Standards


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Training Courses Based on OSHA Standards

Course certification by International Board of Environment Health & Safety (IBOEHS) USA. 

1- OSHA 30 Hours (General Industry) Standards

2- OSHA 30 Hours (Construction Industry) Standards

Benefits of OSHA


Financial Benefits

Although OSHA guidelines and directives are designed with safety and better health management in mind, compliance is ultimately financially beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Following OSHA makes financial sense because it has a direct and significant effect on the business’s bottom line. Businesses learn (and reap from) the knowledge that the cost of accident prevention is much lower than the cost of accidents themselves. A business with a standardized safety program in place will also benefit from lower worker injury and illnesses, lower compensation costs, lower equipment damage and product losses, and lower lost workdays.

Lower Accidents

Through various consultation efforts, OSHA offers free help to businesses in enabling them to identify haz
ards in the workplace and in improving safety and health management practices company-wide. Companies operating in high-hazard industries are prioritized and are actively involved in dialogue and interactive sessions aimed at enhancing workplace safety. Consultation programs, run by state agencies, arm businesses with the knowledge to identify and eliminate hazards, protect employers’ workers from injuries, prevent loss of life, instigate a culture holistically geared toward safety, and boost employee morale.

Management Benefits

Managers involved in a business’s progress toward OSHA compliance have more understanding of the implications of workplace hazards. This fundamental realization enables business managers to comply with local, federal and state safety and health requirements.

Course contents :-

  1. Introduction to health and safety
  2. Safety signs
  3. Personel Protective equipments
  4. Fire types and prevention
  5. Fire extinguishers
  6. First Aid
  7. Work station and work posture
  8. Electrical hazards and safety
  9. Compressed gas cylinders and safety
  10. Dealing with chemicals
  11. Scaffolding
  12. Welding cutting
  13. Near miss incident & accident and injuries
  14. Confined space
  15. Emergency Procedure
  16. Slip, trip and fall Protection
  17. Rigging & Crane safety
  18. Self contained breathing apparatus(SCBA)
  19. Excavation
  20. Work with Fork Lifters
  21. Communicating H&S
  22. Safe system of work
  23. Permit to work procedure

Schedule: Every Week (2hrs per day)


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