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Electronics Engineering
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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
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Petroleum & Gas Engineering
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Electronics Technology
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Glass Ceramics and Pottery Development Technology
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Mechanical Technology
Mechanical Technology (POWER) with Specialization in Auto and Farm Machinery Technology

  • Mechanical Technology (POWER) with Specialization in Auto Mobile and Diesel Technology
  • Mechanical Technology (POWER) with Specialization in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
  • Mechanical Technology (POWER) with Specialization in Foundry and Pattern Making Technology
  • Mechanical Technology (POWER) with Specialization in Metallurgy and Welding Technology
  • Mechanical Technology (POWER) with Specialization in Construction Machinery Technology

Petro-Chemical Technology
Petroleum Technology
Precision Mechanical and Instrument Technology
Printing and Graphic Arts
Telecommunication Technology
Textile Dyeing and Printing Technology
Textile Spinning Technology
Textile Weaving Technology